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What Education and Training are Needed to Become a Dental Assistant

Dentistry is a matter of choice, demand and even interest when it comes to specializing a particular field within the medical courses. There is a high demand among students to pursue a career in dentistry, looking at its high demand in the market. Along with this, it is also one of the bright future options which give high pay in the US market.

Who is a Dental Assistant?

A dental assistant is also known as a dental nurse. As the name implies, a dental assistant is an assistant of a senior dentist or a specialist within the dental team.

They are a part of a support system required during moments like dental operations, checking into the patients or assisting the doctor with other duties for efficient dental treatment and checkup.


There are several levels of qualifications a person has to qualify to become a dental assistant. Below is step-by-step guidance about the educational and also training that is needed to become a dental assistant.

Choosing a Course

A student would agree with the fact that there are many courses just on dentistry and one has to choose carefully a course or a program that would align with their future plans. To start with the educational qualifications, there is an associate degree, diploma or even certification courses available to become a qualified dental assistance.

The time period for these courses usually ranges from 1 to 2 years, depending on what the student has chosen. Most of these courses provide a practical training with internships to students along with the theoretical study, making them prepared to step into their careers directly.

Finalizing on a College/University

For any student who is about to invest in further education and getting into the skilled service profile, it becomes necessary to look for the perfect college as well.

Though one would not deny the availability of dentistry courses colleges and universities all over the country, one must make sure that the department, staff and the syllabus is what you are looking for.

Look both into community colleges or private institutes, since both of these institutions provide quality educational structures. Along with it, check into the college’ status or rank within the country; then have a look in-depth into their syllabus and course structure to know more about what you are going to learn or should expect to learn.

Internship or an Externship

While studying, if a student wishes to acquire professional training under a specialist or a senior dentist, then they can choose to join an internship or an externship program. These programs last for 1-2 months and are generally helpful because it adds to the CV.

Certification and Licensing

Once a student has completed their education, they need to pass a certification test required to acquire a license to become an official dental assistance.

Though the certification and licensing tests or requirements vary from state to state, there is usually an exam every dental assistant has to take.

Make sure you contact the State Board of Dentistry or Dental Assistant National Board’s website. Many students usually need to pass the DANB’s Certified Dental Assistant Examination and then acquire a direct license to practice.